About Ethics in the News


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This Blog provides a forum for dialog among college students—especially those dedicated to studying and working in fields of communication1—to observe and discuss ethical issues covered in the news.  Discussions explore the ethical challenges and implications for the people and groups involved in the news stories, as well as the consumers of those messages (all of us).

Many people dismiss today’s college students and their generation as lacking maturity2, having little interest in civic engagement3, and, in general, being “tuned out” from what’s happening in the world4.

This blog seeks to demonstrate the opposite.

Today’s communication students are keenly aware of current events at a level that looks deeply at the issues.  For these young scholars and future professionals, it’s not about simply acquiring information, it’s about engaging in a form of “citizenship that was meant to be a conversation, not a lecture”5.

Although not the central focus of this Blog, we suspect students’ insight will demonstrate their strong commitment to the common good and to making a real difference in the lives of our others6.  Today’s students are developing a strong ethic7 and even heroic qualities8 that connect them to the world and current events more than ever.

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