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The Media-Does It Make Celebrities Suffering From Mental Illness Worse?

Often the media shows celebrities going through mental breakdowns and usually the media does not seem to care about the additional harm that they may be causing them. In fact the media and many viewers and readers seem to enjoy … Continue reading

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Red Bull – Can it Actually Make You Grow Wiiings?

In 1987, the Red Bull energy drink company was founded in Austria. The energy drink gained popularity over the years and is now the best selling energy drink in the world. In 2000, Red Bull released its first advertisement with … Continue reading

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A Little Birdie Told Me

I am constantly using twitter as a makeshift diary, and apparently I am not the only one. JetBlue passenger Lisa Carter Knight, was kicked off the plane over her live tweets about why her flight got delayed. Flight 760, a … Continue reading

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Too Little Too Late, Ferguson Apology

After two months of silence, Ferguson Police Chief, Thomas Jackson has spoken. Whether his so called “apology” has been accepted by those it was geared toward is up to you. Many believe he waited too long, many believe it was unprofessional, … Continue reading

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Crossing the (50 yard) Line?

Three high school football players died last week. Tom Cutinella, 16, died after colliding with an opponent during a game. He was rushed to the hospital and died after surgery. Two other 17-year-old players Demario Harris and Isaiah Langston also … Continue reading

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The Angry Black Woman

The article about the awarded TV Show writer, Shonda Rhimes had not yet appeared in Sunday’s paper but the public could not help to protest on Friday after it was published online. What was the fuss about? Alessandra Stanley, a … Continue reading

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