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Guns Instead of Roses

Guns have been an extremely controversial topic lately, with people having very strong opinions on both sides. When the 16-year-old couple Jamie Pereira and Tito Velez posted a homecoming picture, they stirred up a lot of trouble because they were … Continue reading

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Is TMZ good or bad journalism?

TMZ is a well-known celebrity news website where you can get your latest gossip on celebrities, Hollywood rumors and entertainment news.  They have a TV show that shows videos of journalists interviewing celebrities as well as talk about specific things … Continue reading

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Toys ‘R Us Reverses Course Of Action

The well-known children’s store across the nation, Toys ‘R Us, is receiving huge backlash after releasing a line of Breaking Bad inspired action figures. Of course we know that there are many action figures on the shelves carry swords, spears, … Continue reading

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Morally Offensive Content

I found this picture on Instagram under the account of @insta_comedy. The purpose of this account is to make jokes about the pictures portrayed. The post is caption “LMAOO CHILL” with emoticons. The picture is in reference of the Ray … Continue reading

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Are there Ethics in Death?

Brittany Maynard was a 29 year old newly wed who thought she had the whole world ahead of her. A little while after her marriage, Brittany was diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor. Brittany Maynard was like any other young … Continue reading

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