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Public Relations Presentation: Ethics in the News Group 6. Facebook Crisis Response Demonstrates Poor Public Relations

For Ethics in the News Presentation, we will be looking at the Facebook Whistleblower case. Through this case, we will identify ethical issues related to Public Relations on behalf of Facebook. To do this, we will educate the audience on … Continue reading

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Bia’s In Journalism

Our presentation focused on bias in journalism. Journalism is a very important part of communications, and there are many types of journalism. Celebrity journalism, crime journalism, and economic journalism are just a few examples of the many types of journalism … Continue reading

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Keeping it Ethical: Journalism

Gillian Andresen and Marisa Skertich Journalism has existed for as long as a pencil could meet paper. The job of a journalist is to report the truth by following the code of ethics. The Society of Professional Journalists require that … Continue reading

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