Uber can’t be ethical – its business model won’t allow it

Uber can’t be ethical – its business model won’t allow it


This article discusses the ethical issues with Uber. In order to make Uber a stronger company it needs to be more ethical. Uber needs to take better care of both the driver and customer. The Uber app has made it an easy way to order a fast taxi at any place in most parts of the world. The article explains this can create an issue by using their metaphor that Uber’s growth is like “putting the birthday cake’s appeal down to the candle on top.” The growth for Uber in the United States is 11.5 billion dollars. In 2016 they nearly lost 3 billion dollars. Amazon is similar to Uber because they are both fast moving platforms that can provide customers with fast service. The article explains that although Amazon gets criticism it’s beneficial due to its use of virtual shop fronts that makes it easy and fast to get items right to the consumer’s door. Ubers issue is that it does not have those different advantages. While Amazon retail shops have used economies of scale that can operate nationally and internationally, Uber taxis are localized. The issue is the economics for Uber is not as big as Amazon growth. Uber can’t avoid costs for gas and they don’t provide drivers with cars. The driver must provide their own transportation. These issues can limit Uber by not being more ethical with these limitations.   

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