A Howl-O-Scream-Inspired PR Nightmare

I do not think Busch Gardens was wrong by not immediately acting on the situation regarding ISIS and the props in the Halloween event. This type of event is a large event to plan and was most likely prepared for months in advance. This being said, it would be difficult to act on the situation at hand on such short notice. The company could have acknowledged the type of props that would be included in the experience, and apology ahead of time by recognizing the ISIS issue. This being said, I think it was smart of Bush Gardens to keep the show as usual because they did not know how the public would respond. These types of headless props are not unusual to see at a “scary” event. I think the company was right in providing the typical Howl-O-Scream experience because it is what the customers are paying for. They could have received backlash for not providing the experience that so many know and love. Ultimately, this Halloween event and the terrible act of ISIS were not meant to correlate in any way, it was just unfortunate timing for these to take place in such a close time span. I believe the company did a good job of waiting to learn the public response and make up for it by acting on the situation immediately and removing the “insensitive” props.  

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