Amazon’s Jeff Bezos may have lied to Congress

Tatiana Torres, Genevieve Chiaramonte, Daniela Jimenez

This article discusses that the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, may have lied to Congress about Amazon’s business practices. Recent news discovered that an investigation by Reuters claims to have found that Amazon has been copying products to boost sales for Amazon. Research also claims to find that Amazon has rigged search results in India to make Amazon have more sales by directing the consumer to it’s site. Amazon has denied all of the claims. This article explains that Amazon might have lied to Congress and might have violated federal law. Recent reports found Amazon has been fined $886 million for alleged law breach and that Amazon is charged with abusing the EU competition rules. Investigations have been happening since 2019. The Judiciary Committee has been investigating digital markets and watching Amazon by investigating third party sellers to find out if they are favoring their own products. Nate Sutton, Amazon’s general counsel explains “The firm never used data to create its own – branded products or manipulate its search results for private gain. The algorithms are optimised to predict what the customer wants to buy regardless of the sales.” Amazon will grow more and more due to it’s fast and affordable products and fast shipping. Problems will continue to grow if Amazon does not own up to these claims or prove that this is not true.

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