Are there Ethics in Death?

Brittany Maynard was a 29 year old newly wed who thought she had the whole world ahead of her. A little while after her marriage, Brittany was diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor.

Brittany Maynard was like any other young newly wed. She was vivacious and full of character; excited to start a new chapter in her life. Unfortunately for Brittany this was one chapter that wouldn’t have an end. Being diagnosed with a deadly tumor, she was only given a short time to live. Being the proud person Brittany was, she wanted to die on her own terms. She decided to seek medical help in her own suicide. With all of the news coverage on her, she is receiving a lot of criticism, as well as support. Unfortunately the family is not receiving any privacy in the matter.

The Media has been covering this topic since it came out a little over a month ago. With all of the coverage she is firing up much debate on assisted suicide, and if its the right thing to do. She has received messages from current patients with the same problem telling her to stay alive and hold on as long as she can, but she is set on ending her life on her own terms. This is drawing attention away from the fact that this woman is deathly ill, and focus more on the issue surrounding Brittany. This should be a time for her to spend with her family; not for interviews and tv time.

Brittany made the decision to overdose on barbiturates that she received from a doctor in Oregon. Laws in Oregon allow doctors to supply terminally ill patients with medicine that will give them a “way out.” Brittany Maynard started the group “Death With Dignity” that supported people with terminally ill diseases to die on their own terms. She believed if someone was going to die, and knew of it; that they should choose when they do so. On November 1, 2014,  Brittany Maynard died due to an overdose. She died with no regrets in a house she loved, which is located in the city of Portland, OR, surrounded by the people she loved.

When it comes to assisted suicide, or just death in general; do you think there are certain ethics that need to be involved? Is it a selfish act that she decided when she wanted to die, or should her family have had a say in it?  Do you think something like this should be allowed in all states for people who know they will die? Finally, do you think that something this personal should be displayed on the news, even if it is warranted by the subject? Click here for information on Brittany Maynard’s Death


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2 Responses to Are there Ethics in Death?

  1. Gina Saccone says:

    I believe that what Brittany did was completely her choice, and I think this is something that should be allowed in every state under the circumstances that Brittany was given. Although many believe that it is selfish to take your own life, in a situation like this it is selfish for people to tell her that she should go on living her life in misery, when she has the option to die in peace before her sickness gets worse and she has to die without any other option.

    Brittany had the full support of her mother and husband throughout this journey and I think that with that, it will help people see that this is something that should be moved forward in move states, and her movement could have an impact. Before I heard this story I didn’t even know that death with dignity was actually something you could do.

    I believe that the way that Brittany showed the public how she was going through this and made it clear that she wasn’t doing this in a way that she wanted to truly end her life, but that she wanted to help others that could possibly be going through the same pain and wanted to find a way out that would make them feel at comfort was a great idea.

  2. Claire Handville says:

    I do not think Brittany was selfish by taking her own life. I believe that it was her choice to make because she is the individual who has to endure the pain and suffering. When society thinks of “suicide” negative images come to mind. Suicide leaves a sour taste in everyones mouth, which is why I think this was so controversial. To some, it may have looked as if Brittany was saying no to life; the greatest gift at all. But despite these negative connotations, I believe it was ultimately Brittany’s right to die.

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