Are You Beach Body Ready?

Alexia, JJ, Joe

The article “The Top 8 Most Recent Controversial Ads” by Sam Carr has many good examples of unethical advertisements. I chose the advertisement containing a yellow background with a skinny, fit, and gorgeous model posing and showing off her body. In large letters, it says: “are you beach body ready?” A health supplement supplier from Protein World is promoting a weight loss collection to help people lose weight. This image was shown on billboards all over London and New York. Their target audience was people aiming to have a beach body by summertime, but it does not seem very ethical because of how they promoted it. There was a lot of backlash on social media, and people even vandalized on top of the ad by writing all over it. In a way, it is promoting body shaming. Feminists were upset because the ad made it seem like the body shown is the only one acceptable for the summer. All other types must therefore be unready for summer. Regardless of the negative feedback from the ad, Protein World did have a $1 million profit from the $250,000 they spent on the ad. They could have advertised it in a different way, but they still placed a hot model on the big screens. Many people were offended and this could have easily been avoided.

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