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Defamation in Public Relations

Ethics In The News Presentation  Myleen Santiago  Dallas Shinn  Our presentation discusses defamation in relation to public relations. Defamation is an action or statement made that damages the reputation of another. In other words, it is any type of communication … Continue reading

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Myleen and Dallas PR (Group 6)

In 2014, Toys ‘R Us sold several action figures who depicted characters from the famous show Breaking Bad. This created a negative uproar with many parents concerned for the impact that these toys would have on their children. In the … Continue reading

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Group 6: Myleen & Dallas (Public Relations)

The article, “Bud Lighticke: How Bud Light intercepted a missed opportunity to quickly partner with NFL quarterback Taylor Heinicke,” is a prime example of great public relations work. Bud Light is already a partner of the NFL, however, public relations … Continue reading

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