Bia’s In Journalism

Our presentation focused on bias in journalism. Journalism is a very important part of communications, and there are many types of journalism. Celebrity journalism, crime journalism, and economic journalism are just a few examples of the many types of journalism out there. In our presentation we explain the importance of a code of ethics in journalism. It is important in order to maintain professional standards across the field, build trust with the community, and avoid any scandals by holding all journalists to the same standards. The Society of Professional Journalists is a prominent group in journalism and their code of ethics includes seeking the truth and reporting it, minimizing harm, acting independently, and being accountable and transparent. Journalists deal with many instances where they have to consider their ethics such as protecting sources and victims, considering privacy and the value of the news, conflicts of interest, and their personal bias. In our presentation we chose to focus on bias in journalism as it relates to the 2020 Presidential Election. This election was especially divided within our country and the journalism definitely portrayed that division depending on what news sources one consumes on a regular basis. We focused on the liberal bias of CNN versus th conservative bias of Fox News. It is a journalist’s job to report strictly the facts and let their audience draw their own conclusions about them. However, these two news outlets frequently include their own views and bias in their reporting. The moral claimants in this example include the public, the organizations (CNN and Fox News), the presidential candidates, and other professional journalists. Each one of their groups is impacted by the unethical and biased reporting done by CNN and Fox News. Overall, the public needs to be aware about the bias in news reporting. This is relevant for CNN and Fox News, but also many other news sources. We should all be careful about the journalism we see and how unbiased and truthful it really is.

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