Books Including “Gender Queer” Being Pulled from Schools, Sparking Controversy

In specific areas of the country, schools are responding to parents complaints by conducting audits of their school libraries, removing books which are considered to be too “sexually explicit” for students exposure. 

An individual board member this week brought up that one book, “which is centered around a 10-year-old boy being sexually abused by an older man should be burned” (ABC News). 

Another board member, Rabih Abuismail, spoke against the inclusion of the book “33 snowfish” which apparently includes gay sex. Abuismail made multiple comments during this meeting which caught manys attention. Such as, “I guess we live in a world now where our public schools would rather have kids read about gay pornography than Christ”. During an interview Abuismail attempted to rescind his statements made in the board meeting “stating ‘he was not critiquing the gay community,’ despite referencing homosexuality at least three times in the board’s discussion about books.” 

This has now sparked Gov. Henry McMaster of South Carolina to prevent such “offensive” books from being placed within the school or library systems. 

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