Hospitality Businesses Fight Back against Customers

According to the article “Restaurant and Hotels push back against uptick in customer’s”, many restaurants and hotels and hospitality businesses are beginning to fight back against the emotional abuse they withhold from their customers. Many of the hospitality businesses’ have always felt obligated to make their customers feel welcomed and a pleasurable experience when working with them. With growing awareness in mental health, The National Restaurant Association has promoted a new principle to protect their workers from emotional and verbal abuse from their customers. Instead, of going with “the customers always right” they have now changed their motto to “Be kind or leave”.  

Due to the pandemic, many researchers have found that customers are being more intolerable to masks, waits and lines because of their “retaliation” against these rules because they feel victimized. This increasing problem has cost many small businesses to lose employees and lower their employment rate. According to the article, employment rate is down 8% since pre-pandemic while more than 60% of restaurant workers have suffered from abusive from customers; as well as another 78% have said their mental health has been negatively impacted since working in this environment.

Owners are trying their best to protect their employees from this increasing problem in the customers focusing more on what their employees need and want, especially because they can’t help losing any more workers as we keep pushing through this pandemic. Many business owners are starting to revise how they view and treat customers by acknowledging that customers may not always have the business best interest. Though they don’t expect a single sign to give instant results, their push to really impose the strategy of respect among customers and workers demonstrates that businesses’ not only care about the profits but about a good and safe working environment as well. 

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