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Jane Grandchamp

I think cheating in college is very prevalent. I find I know more people who cheat in math and science classes with websites like Chegg than people paying for essays to be written. I think it’s wrong for people to pay for essays to be done because in the long run it only puts them behind in their own learning. This will result in them needing to cheat more in the future. I think Turnitin is only somewhat affective because of the new use of contract cheating. If students really want to cheat, they will find a way to.

I think it’s interesting to hear about people being caught for cheating. I have heard of a couple of people throughout college who have been caught cheating. One of my roommates was in a class where a professor caught many people cheating and gave everyone 0’s on the test. I think when something like this happens it might make students more aware of what they are doing is wrong. I have also heard of instances where students were caught cheating and there was little to no repercussions for them. I think this only reinforces the idea that they can get away with cheating and makes them more likely to do it again in the future.

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