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Maria Karterouliotis

I have heard that many students in college take part in contract cheating or paying for completed assessments. First, many students pay for college so that they are able to learn and gain skills that are going to be needed once they graduate. Paying for other people to do your work defeats the whole purpose of even attending college. Why waste money if you are not going to do the work yourself and gain knowledge? College becomes stressful for everyone, but it is something that you have to work for and put effort and time into. Buying your assignments is unethical and it is cheating in my opinion. Professors are aware of these actions now and more teachers are using authentic assessments so that they can reduce cheating. Schools are also buying new software to recognize any suspicious work that comes through that software. If you attend college, put your time and energy into completing your work first. If students prioritize their time better, things can get done in a time-efficient manner and there will still be time for other fun events.
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