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Kailey, Sommer, Cassidy

It is no secret that students across America find themselves overwhelmed with work and struggling to get assignments done on time, which is why it came as no surprise to me when I learned that 15% of college students have admitted to buying essays after reading the article. We live in a world where everyone feels the pressure to be perfect. Just because someone is able to look put together does not mean that everything is easy for them. People often find themselves in situations where they have to choose school work or going out and take the easy way out by getting answers from a friend or paying someone else to do their work for them. While this is a short term solution, they are not learning anything and will eventually fall even farther behind. In situations like these, it is important to reach out and find help rather than have someone solve your problems for you which will not help in the grand scheme of things. Falling behind is not the only thing that scares me about cheating, but the fact that getting caught just one time can ruin your life. The UCF cheating scandal is a great example to use in this scenario because around 200 seniors would be unable to graduate and would have wasted four years of work if the cheating allegations made against them were found true. Turnitin is a website used by teachers ad professors to avoid situations like these. Students often find these websites annoying, but it is actually helping them because since they cannot buy an essay or plagiarize a paper when submitting through this website, they will learn more and it will benefit them in the long run.

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  1. Alexia, Joe, Justin says:

    I agree that college students are heavily stressed out with so much work. Most of us are taking an average of four classes and at times, every single class can feel like a part-time job. When students have someone else do the work for them, they really are not learning anything. They also do not learn anything when their goal is to simply pass the class instead of learning the information that will help them in their future. It is also true that Turnitin can be annoying to students but it helps them in the long run. The one thing that is scary about those programs is that they flag you for looking anywhere besides the screen. I personally look around when I am feeling stressed and it seems a little inhuman to stare at a screen the whole time. Even when I take in-person exams I find myself closing my eyes to think or look at the ceiling.

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