Chris Cuomo Faced Sexual Misconduct Accusation Before CNN Fired Him

Chris Cuomo was fired from CNN November 28th following the discovery that he is more entangled in his brother, Andrew Cuomo’s, political affairs than anyone had previously known. According to multiple sources including The New York Times and CBS news, Chris Cuomo had a hand in how his brother responded to sexual harrassment allegations. 

“Chris Cuomo was suspended earlier this week pending further evaluation of new information that came to light about his involvement with his brother’s defense,” CNN wrote. “We retained a respected law firm to conduct the review, and have terminated him, effective immediately. While in the process of that review, additional information has come to light. Despite the termination, we will investigate as appropriate.”

While it is not specified by CNN as to what the new information that came to light is, the Associated Press has reported that Chris Cuomo was accused of sexual harrassment earlier the week of November 24th. 

The ethical issue within this, is that CNNs reason for firing Cuomo was because of his involvement in his brother Andrew’s sexual misconduct cases, and helping him with how to react and respond. Following this, a multitude of articles were immediately posted citing Cuomo’s reason for being fired as his sexual misconduct allegation. It is not clear whether CNN was attempting to ignore or cover up this allegation, or if they truly were unaware of this at the time of his termination. This goes back to the power of the media, and fake news. While this allegation is very much so valid, was it the reason for his termination from CNN? Or did it provide a better headline for the press? 

One question that remains in mind, if these allegations are true, while hearing about the multitude of powerful figures facing sexual misconduct allegations, is moral redemption possible for these individuals? Specifically surrounding the #metoo movement in 2017, many accused fled to social media to issue apologies. While Chris Cuomo himself has not publicly acknowledged his firing or allegation, he has removed himself from multiple projects. 

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