Controversial Assisted Suicide Pod Cleared for Use in Switzerland

An assisted suicide pod in Switzerland was cleared for use in early December. The pod helps patients painlessly end their life by flooding the chamber with nitrogen. These pods almost act like a booth, where the person completely climbs into the capsule. Swiss outlets report that the manufacturer of a 3D-printed assisted suicide pod called the Sarco capsule has recieved legal approval to be used by the public. 

Assisted suicide occurs when a patient chooses to die with the help of a mediccal professional which often means writing a prescription for a lethal drug or euthanasia. These patients are usually terminally ill or do not have long to live. 

Switzerland doesn’t really have many legal barriers to physician-assisted suicide and it has become a widely accepted practice. Hundred of people, most of whom have terminal illnesses, have chosen to end their lives via assisted suicide each year. A couple of other countries in Europe have similar policies with practices like euthanasia or withdrawl of life-sustaining treatment in certain circumstanes. Countries like Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands all have similar policies. 

Assisted suicide has always been a huge controversial topic for years. Many people do not believe assisted suicide to be ethical because it is a form of suicide. People also believe it is a form of murder. Some think that if someone is so ill to the point that they are already dying why they wouldn’t wait for them to die on their own, or if they are so sick how can they be cognizant enough to make that decision themselves? On the opposite side, if someone is in so much pain, others think they should be able to make that decision to end their suffering. 

The assisted suicide pod in Switzerland brings another side of an ethical dilemma for how normalized this practice is compared to other countries. In America, there are only 10 states plus the District of Colombia where assisted suicide is legal. Therefore, in the U.S. when hearing about this new pod, would probably be against it because it is not as normalized here.

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