Deception- Fake News: Lies spread faster on social media than the truth does

Fake news is something that is now just a normal thing that we see, especially in this generation, on a day to day basis. There have been numerous studies on different social media platforms that show that false news gets interacted with and spread more than the truthful information does. This has been very damaging to our society and this is a big part of why there is such a huge divide today.

There are a lot of reasons as to why people may spread false news. A lot of false news has been spread through politics, on both ends, and it has almost started to become a competition. All it takes is one false piece of news to dictate someones beliefs nowadays, which can lead to a lot of issues. Other people tend to spread false news knowing that it will get a lot of attention.

Fake news goes beyond just us, it can be used as a threat. The FBI is undergoing an investigation regarding Russians and other countries outside of the U.S., posted fake news regarding politics, knowing the damage it would cause.

The statistics of false news compared to the truth is outrageous. The truth has a thirty percent chance of getting reposted, while the false news has a seventy percent chance. One can imagine what that does to the society and how people perceive certain pieces of information. It is everyday users of social media that are posting these false statements, and they are making it seem very believable.

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