When attention was brought to Ozy Media’s possible security fraud by The New York Times, the company quickly closed its doors.

Ozy Media made claims that they had millions of viewers and readers. After this claim, a New York Times investigation made further claims that the company had been “inflating traffic figures and views on multiple sites, such as YouTube”. This investigation caused a lot of commotion for Ozy media, leading investors to be concerned, employees to leave, and the start of an internal investigation.

Although the company did not state why they would be closing their doors, with the recent claims of deception it is assumed to be part of the reasoning.

The company has a past of deception. For example, the co-founder Samir Rao had been caught impersonating a YouTube executive to speak highly about Ozy on a phone call with Goldman Sachs, a high investor of Ozy. This deception benefited the company because the investor believed YouTube’s recognition of the company and used that as reasoning to continue their investment.

During a talk show, the company also spoke about its partnership with Amazon Prime. This was a false claim again made to benefit the company in tricking viewers into thinking Ozy was more successful than it was.

These acts of deception had been followed with apologies. The apologies are backless as the company continued to lie for its benefit.

Ozy media’s constant use of deception in the news and media caused several high investors and high profile employees to leave the company and sell their shares. Further, the deception led to mistrust of the company and the closing of Ozy media.

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