Emily Muller’s thoughts on cheating

Our project gave insights into the ethical issues tied into cheating and our case study was the Boston University Cheating Scandal. The issues we focused mainly on in our presentation were the fudge factor and consequential ethics. My personal thought on cheating and its ethical issues are in agreement with consequential ethics. I think that cheating is a form of academic lying and that punishment is deserved when caught. I think students who cheat should not get a good grade on assignments and should have their reputations damaged since they were deceitful and in most cases of cheating, the cheater will take someone else’s hard work and put their name on it, without giving proper credit where credit is due. Cheating doesn’t only impact the person who cheats but also impacts other honest students and the professors who work hard to teach a class. It is disrespectful and unethical to cheat.

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