Ethics in Advertising

Advertising is all about selling. People and companies will do a lot of various things in order to get their product sold. Many times advertisers and companies will push the truth and use very questionable tactics in order to garner more attention to their products. One example of these lies that advertisers use is stated in this article by The Drum Network.

In this article “Brands lie. Are consumers ok with that?” they bring up the very public example of the massive food branch of Nestle. They have repeatedly shown and advertised their juices, and flavored drinks as being “all natural” or “no added sugars’ ‘. However, this is far from the truth. Nestle continuously gets away with these misleading claims and many of their products are flying off the shelves.

The question must then be asked. Have we adjusted to the constant lies that are fed to us through advertising. Have we just become immune to it? An article from Forbes stated that Americans see up to 4,000 to 10,000 each day. As Americans we are constantly bombarded by ads, and products, and media that we have become very well adjusted to. When we see an advertisement that we believe is false we question it. Most people today don’t. With the amount of advertisements that we see in a day it is hard to stand out. Leading to advertisers and producers to have little to no ethical code. As long as their product gets sold they are happy. 

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