Ethics in the News – Lil Naz X ‘Satan Shoe’

Hail Satan shoes: why did the 'Banksy of the internet' put blood in 666  Nike Air Max? | Fashion | The Guardian

The famous rapper, Lil Naz X released his brand new song and music video named “Montero”. In this song and in the music video are various references to satan and his values, which is what started the controversy. The song was supposed to be an open letter to his younger self about coming out and why he did. Following the release, the rapper announced that he created a shoe collaboration with MSCHF called ‘Satan Shoe”. 

There were 666 total pairs sold at a total of $1,018 per pair. Each shoe was also infused with a drop of blood in the sole. If that isn’t enough to be disturbing, the shoe used was created by Nike; but Nike had no knowledge of the creation of this shoe nor do they associate with the rapper at all. Following the shoe drop, he went on social media to voice his opinion.

He posted a YouTube video titled “Lil Naz X Apologizes for ‘Satan Shoe’”. He started out speaking regarding the controversy then his sentence gets cut short by his music video interrupting and taking up the rest of the video; he used to opportunity as another way to promote his song. He shared that he had no regrets and did not apologize for possibly offending potential fans by how he conveyed his message.

The reaction from this situation has remained to be negative throughout the media. The use of real human blood has triggered people to question the rapper’s morality and question the type of content he creates to further his career. The distributing company and Nike have reached a settlement and have proceeded to sue for trademark infringement.

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