Facebook name change to be announced on October 28th

Facebook is changing their parent company name in the midst of recent scandals like Frances Haugen’s whistleblower testimony. The company will reveal Facebook’s new name on October 28th at their annual Connect conference. Oreoritse Tariemi writes about the name change in her article and discusses how this may be to “shake off” multiple scandals.


Public backlash has been noticeable since the news has come out about the name change. People believe the goal is to distance the parent company of Facebook from the media scrutiny of the recent scandals. Therefore, the Facebook app will likely be viewed as a product owned by the parent company.

Distancing the reputation of the company from the apps is a direct result of Facebook’s egoism. In order to preserve their public image, Facebook created an advertising smokescreen to urge the public to look at the innovative things they are doing and ignore the negative scandals going on. The company has been accused in aiding in misinformation about the 2016 election, fined for allowing a British firm harvest 87 million US profiles for political advertising information, and has been exposed for promoting divisiveness on the Facebook app.

Facebook is switching its name as a diversion from their trending media issues. It is likely an attempt to uphold Zuckerberg’s reputation from further damage under the name “Facebook.”

Whether it is a smokescreen or not, Facebook will be going through with its name change. Do you think people are right to mock Facebook for this sudden advertising stunt? Will the public go along with Facebook’s ruse and continue to ignore the information coming out?

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