Gender Discrimination in The Workplace

Due to the recent attention of gender discrimination and sexual harassment at the workplace, there have been movements that have started because of it. Movements like the #MeToo and #UsToo have become very popular amongst women and talked about globally. These movements include women sharing their stories of gender discrimination in the workplace and the sexual harassment that also occurred. The #MeToo and #UsToo movements have lead to Salesforce which is one of the most highly valued companies paying back about $3 million in adjustments in the first year after the audit showed the company had a large and continuous pay gap between men and women.

Gender Discrimination at Work is a topic that has been around for a while, however, it seems to get pushed away and forgotten about time and time again. But why? It often gets overlooked because many people have fallen into the norm of men always being in top positions. People have accepted that, and not much has been done to change any of it. 

Workplace gender discrimination comes in many different forms like gender inequality, sexism in the workplace, and so on. What it means is that an employee is treated differently or lesser than because of their sex or gender. Workplace gender discrimination can also include race or ethnicity; like women of color being discriminated against in the workplace differently from a white female co-worker. She could be harassed, paid less, passed over for a promotion because of her sex and her race. 

How does this all relate to communications? Sexual harassment and gender discrimination at any company can create a pretty bad image in the public. When stories like the ones break out into the public ear, it can diminish a companies reputation quite quickly. Which is a valid example of why PR is vital in all companies. Public Relations individuals must remember however to follow their code of conduct when handling a situation like such. They must remain honest to the public, remain loyal to there client, while also remains fair to the public.

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