Group 6: Myleen & Dallas (Public Relations)

The article, “Bud Lighticke: How Bud Light intercepted a missed opportunity to quickly partner with NFL quarterback Taylor Heinicke,” is a prime example of great public relations work. Bud Light is already a partner of the NFL, however, public relations professionals understand the importance of celebrity when it comes to spreading brand awareness across all platforms.

The new Washington quarterback is on the rise following the Washington victory over the New York Giants during Week 2 of the regular season. In an interview, Heinicke was asked if he had been offered a brand deal with the popular beer brand Heinekin, to which he responded jokingly that he was trying hard and might have to call up Bud Light for a deal instead. Within a couple of hours, Bud Light tweeted a photo with the caption “Ready and waiting.” tagging Heinicke’s handle. Within eight hours of the interview, the deal was made officially between the two.

It took Bud Light only eight hours to get the rising quarterback to sign a deal and in the process, they hopped on what could’ve been Heinekin’s biggest NFL partnership due to the obvious play on names. Bud Light is now featured on Heinicke’s social media pages, which accounts for a following of over 150,000 people across all platforms. On Instagram in particular, the quarterback captioned his photo with: “With a name like Heinicke, there’s only one beer that it makes sense to partner with… (Sorry Heineken)” The caption is also followed by several laughing emojis and will appear as a bigger dig to Heineken for their missed opportunity. The comments are collectively hyping up the Bud Light brand on jumping on the opportunity and are frowning upon Heineken for their obvious flop.

The Bud Light team was quick and effective, which is why they have now landed another successful deal with one of the most loyal fan bases in the NFL.

If you were Heineken’s public relations team, would you try to block the deal and what would you have done in an attempt to block the deal? Or would you have left it to Bud Light as they did?

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