Guns Instead of Roses

Guns have been an extremely controversial topic lately, with people having very strong opinions on both sides. When the 16-year-old couple Jamie Pereira and Tito Velez posted a homecoming picture, they stirred up a lot of trouble because they were both holding guns. Although the guns were Airsoft riffles, which only shoot plastic pellets, the two students were suspended from school and even facing possible explosion.


Superintendent Richard Gross, of Bristol Plymouth Vo-tech, Massachusetts, found the picture to be over the top to bring into a school event. Even though the students took the picture at their home and did not bring the guns to school, they titled the picture “Homecoming 2014,” which frightened many people.

The students understand why it caused problems but do not believe they deserved to be suspended. Pereira and Velez had to get an attorney in order to get back in school and raised more than enough money from those who disagreed with their punishment.

Was it ethically wrong for Pereira and Velez to post this picture on facebook? Should the students have to face suspension and possible explosion?

Gun safety and school shootings have been such a big topic these days that posting a picture like that will no doubt cause many to be worried and there should an action taken to keep society feeling safe. Although the couple meant no harm, it is best for their classmates, teachers, and families included to feel protected at school.

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2 Responses to Guns Instead of Roses

  1. Alex Lieberman says:

    Nicole asks was it ethically wrong for Jamie and Tito to post the picture on Facebook. I think that it was ethically wrong because at 16 years old they should know that a picture called homecoming 2014, with them holding guns would likely cause harm, fear and concern. They are old enough to have read about numerous shootings in schools. However, I do not think that they should have had to face suspension or possible expulsion. Instead I think they should have had to post an apology and have been required to stay after school everyday for a few weeks and been taught about the consequences of certain posts on social media. Then they should have been required to make a presentation to the school or at least write a paper for others to read on the issue.

  2. jake kauffman says:

    I agree that the actions taken against theses students were correct. BY no means should a picture of a student holding a gun and talking about a school event should be over looked. There have been so many tragedies with school shootings, so every necessary precaution should be exercised. Did these students mean harm? no , but if they did then this could grow into a big problem.

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