Hospitality Businesses Fight back Against Customers

Having had the experience of working in hospitality, I can understand why hospitality businesses are beginning to fight back with customers due to the emotional abuse they cause the staff. When working in hospitality, it was always the main goal to make customers feel welcomed and comfortable. However, so should the workers providing this comfort. Throughout the article, it discusses the change in mottos going from “the customers always right” to “be kind or leave”. Due to the issues with the pandemic and masks mandates, hospitality workers have begun to deal with customers who instead of following the rules to make everyone comfortable, they are now fighting back. I personally agree with the new motto. Having worked at an ice cream shop, I have personally had to deal with rude, arrogant customers who argued with me about wearing a mask sometimes leaving me in tears. In my opinion, it is time to start putting the employees first. They are working to do everything they can in order to provide safety and comfort for their customers and getting nothing in return besides arrogance.

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