Hunter Biden’s Controversial Art Gallery Show Draws Fierce Critics

President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, had his first solo exhibition in Manhattan, New York in early November. There, he sold personal artwork and art pieces, which sold for up to $500,000 a piece. When Biden was struggling with various alcohol and drug addictions he said that art was the only thing “keeping him sane”. The solo exhibition was titled, “The Journey Home,” which consisted of twenty-four paintings. Yet ethical concerns started to arise in the white house. The initial reaction of a lot of people was that he was capitalizing on being the son of the president, therefore more people are willing to pay him more money. Last year, the Treasury Department also issued an advisory warning that high-value artworks, “make it attractive to those engaged in illicit financial activity including sanctions evasion.” It is unclear if there have been any confirmed sales of Biden’s artwork.

Of course, a question coming out of this would be if it is ethical for Hunter Biden to be selling his art for so much money just because he is the president’s son? And if people do pay the money, are they paying for the quality of the artwork or for the title of the artist? Is it ethical for Hunter Biden to be labeled a high-end renowned artist just because he is the president’s son? All of these questions need to be considered when looking at the ethics within this story. 

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