Internet Privacy in Advertising

In most recent years internet advertising has grown exponentially. Within the last 20 years alone the internet advertising market has grown 100 times over. It is estimated to reach a value of $517 billion by the end of 2023. This rapid growth of internet advertising can be explained by the convience of it. Television and billboard ads are very expensive. It is also hard for them to tap into the niche markets of consumers. However the ways of tapping into these niche markets brings in the question of internet security.

More than half of all internet users are concerned with the privacy of their data. Advertising programs were able to track the types of things that you like to watch, or read about. After collecting this data they would be able to understand what types of ads you would see while you are on the internet. However new programs are being introduced in order to add more restrictions to advertising, and promoting more internet privacy. In 2017 apple introduced a new program on their Safari browser called Intelligence Track Prevention (ITP). Which limited websites and advertising requiring of data. More programs like this are being implemented however internet advertising are still finding ways around this limiting programs.

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