Juul & e-Cigarettes: Illegal Marketing, Lung Disease & Federal Investigations

A Juul Starter Pack

Juul Labs (you’ve probably heard of them) produce small nicotine vapes to help adult smokers eliminate cigarettes. While other nicotine vapes are on the market, Juul, specifically, seems to appeal to people like you and me. I, for one, see them all over campus, and many of my friends own one. 

The FDA recently sent a warning letter to Juul regarding the statements they are making about their product. Juul is accused of illegally marketing their product as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. Without any scientific evidence to prove this claim, regulators have cracked down and people are getting worried. 

With marketing and sales practices targeted towards people our age (and younger), featuring social media ads full of bright colors and a “cool vibe,” Juul claims that this was never their intention. However, Juul canbe partially blamed for the nationwide vaping epidemic among America’s youth. Did you know that people our age, statistically, were never supposed to start smoking cigarettes? That is, until Juul came along. 

Not much is known about the long-term health effects of these vape products, making the 450 illnesses and 6 deaths related to vaping a scary situation. I’ve asked all my friends to tryquitting, but it’s clear many students and young adults are already addicted.  

Example of a Juul advertisement

So how did Juul make these decisions that eventually affected consumers, society, cigarette companies, the FDA, families, schools and even those closest to us? Outside pressures, including sources of revenue for the brand, likely influenced where ads were placed, as well the target audience. If a certain age group makes up the majority of your profit, would you risk losing that money”? 

Political pressures are influencing Juul’s current decisions while under close watch of the nation, as the Trump administration, the FDA and the CDC continue to take action, investigate the matter and put bans in place

Even though the purpose of Juul (to wean adult smokers off of cigarettes) has proven to be successful, the other consequences — deaths, illness, a nationwide epidemic — all seem to outweigh any good the brand has contributed to society. What could Juul have done differently? Will they be able to turn this situation around and act ethically in the future? 

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2 Responses to Juul & e-Cigarettes: Illegal Marketing, Lung Disease & Federal Investigations

  1. Kaliya Ware says:

    I think it’s really sad that our generation (Gen Z) was going to be the one to stop young aged people smoking because it wasn’t cool. All the commercials they showed on TV and the people I knew in my life with health problems because of it was enough to make me never want to pick up a cigarette at all, ever. Not to mention they smell disgusting. But, JUUL changed the game and they made it into a cuter electronic vaping package, gave it different flavors, and advertised it to my age group. So people doing it thought they were cool. Now everyone wants to quit but can’t because of the deaths that are happening but they’re addicted and it’s getting harder and harder each day to quit. I think it’s wrong for JUUL as a company to have been advertising this product to young people. A lot of the time their demographic can’t even buy one because they are too young! And that is an issue. I think maybe JUUL did start off as being a product to wean adult smokers off of cigarettes, but clearly it didn’t work. And I’ve even heard of people that smoked cigarettes not being able to stop JUULing now. I really just overall think it’s sad and messed up but at the end of the day, there’s always going to be a product on the market like JUUL. If they end up banning it, another version of it will resurface. It may be in a different form, but I don’t doubt that the effects of the product will be the same.

  2. Ally Munch says:

    I think juuls and e ciggarets are marketed so wrong and it is made to see as something fun and cool. It has gotten completely out of hand to the point where middle school kids are using them because it’s the “cool” thing to do right now. Our generation doesn’t really smoke cigarettes because we know how bad it is for you and we think it’s gross. JUUL made it so we didn’t associate it with anything bad or harmful like cigarettes because they are flavored and they don’t smell when in reality they are so harmful and contain chemicals that no one should be inhaling. At this point the CEO of JUUL stepped down because it’s gotten so bad that young people are dying from it. I don’t think it will go away anytime soon and I don’t think people will stop using them because they are addicted but the ethical thing to do would be to shut the company down.

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