Kansas City Chief fans, why does your team get to keep their name?

Patrick Mahomes during Kansas City Chiefs Game

We see the most popular pro teams with indigenous names. The Washington Redskins, Chicago Blackhawks, Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Indians, and the Golden State Warriors. Each of these teams claim to be honoring the culture and Native Americans, however, you could argue otherwise.

As most of you know, the KC Chiefs prohibited the use of headdresses as well as racial face paint to keep the integrity and honor of the name. In July 2020, the Washington Redskins received total backlash and scrutiny over their name of “Redskins” from the public eye. FedEx had asked them to change their name as they sponsor the team playing on FedEx field, as well as Nike who carries their products. The owner of the team, Dan Snyder, stated in 2013 that “We’ll never change the name.” However, once Nike dropped their merchandise from the sight, the pressure was on. The team dropped the mascot and the indigenous name and is now known as the Washington Football Team. 

Now it’s up to the Chiefs. Teams all around have changed their name, so, what makes it right for you to keep yours? It leaves the question of whether or not this is a double standard. 

The Chiefs claim they want to do nothing but honor the indigenous people by keeping the name but prohibiting the faceprint as well as the headdresses. So, if all the teams follow the same protocols and honor the teams in the best way possible to keep the Native American names alive, is it unethical? Is it ethical to let some teams keep theirs but others to receive the backlash? You tell me. All Chiefs fans have a lot to think about, especially those who are mis-representing indigenous culture.

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