Misleading Advertising

Kylie Jenner is a well-known celebrity and billionaire. She has created multiple businesses such as Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Skin, Kylie Baby, and Kylie Swim. One of her most recent businesses she launched is Kylie Swim. She advertised her new bathing suits as high quality, and as being made for all body types. The Instagram shows women from sizes 00 to 20 wearing her bathing suits. The suits launched in early October, and when people received their suits they were not what they had been advertised as. Many people have posted videos and photos on social media of the suits having torn seems, being completely see-through, and not being made to fit most women over a size 2 even. The way Kylie marketed her suits was misleading and many people have complained and returned their suits because they were extremely different than what they expected. Kylie Swim has not addressed the issues with the swim line yet and it has been weeks since people have started complaining. In my opinion this reflects badly on the company. Ethically, they should have an obligation to address these issues. Companies should not advertise their products a certain way, and then send out completely different products to their customers. The consequences of this are that many people have returned their products, and the company has lost money from that.

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