Morally Offensive Content


I found this picture on Instagram under the account of @insta_comedy. The purpose of this account is to make jokes about the pictures portrayed. The post is caption “LMAOO CHILL” with emoticons. The picture is in reference of the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal.


It was targeted to the vast audience that uses social media. Instagram reaches 150 million people of different ages but mostly 18 to 35 year olds. 90% of them are under 35% making them a youthful demographic mainly made up of women.


The joke includes Halloween, Ray Rice and the doll, eluding his wife. It is very disrespectful towards woman and men. The fact that they take domestic violence so lightly and make fun of it is disrespectful and offensive.


This goes to show that some people have no respect or consideration towards victims. Pictures like this set a standard that serious issues can be turned into jokes once the scandal is over, the comments on the picture promotes laughter and thoughtlessness.


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