Mr. Clean Offensive Advertisement

In 2011, Mr. Clean released a mother’s day advertisement that displayed a mother using the product to clean the house. The Ad read: “This mother’s day, Get back to the job that really matters.” This is implying that a mothers most important role is to clean, even on the day that is celebrating all of their hard work and sacrifice. Many females found this advertisement very offensive and demeaning to the mother community and the female community as a whole. There is a strong stereotype that females do the cooking and cleaning for the men of the house. Women have been attempting to put these stereotypes in the past for years by beginning to prove they can do the same jobs men can do. This ad seems to be attempting to capitalize on the stereotype and stir up some sort of response from the female community. Mr. Clean recieved an influx of backlash because of this ad due to its cruel underlying message.

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