Myleen and Dallas PR (Group 6)

In 2014, Toys ‘R Us sold several action figures who depicted characters from the famous show Breaking Bad. This created a negative uproar with many parents concerned for the impact that these toys would have on their children. In the past, Toys ‘R Us has released toys decorated with swords, guns, and even spears. The Breaking Bad figurines do not look much different from those other toys, but the connection to the television show’s premise creates an uneasy feeling from parents. Breaking Bad depicts the making, buying, and selling of meth. A mother from Florida insisted that these dolls be taken off the shelves as they are inappropriate for children to play with and even understand the role the figurines play in the television show. A Toys ‘R Us spokesperson claimed that the Breaking Bad dolls were sold in the “adult action figure area” of the store in very low quantities, but that still didn’t shake the discomfort from parents. 

Kids shopping in Toys ‘R Us are likely to enter the isles holding adult dolls, but would never quite understand the concept of the show or what meth even is. Breaking Bad is a fictional television show for adults only, so why are the show’s figurines being sold in a store with products targeted towards young kids? Personally, I think that this was not the right decision in order to grow the show’s popularity. Toys ‘R Us has a target audience of children and younger kids and no parent wants to see their child playing with a toy that represents meth labs and illegal drug distribution. Toys ‘R Us ,Ade the right choice of pulling the dolls from the shelves. The store just simply was not the right place for the toys to be sold. The statement that Toys ‘R Us made in The Washington Post should have been broadcasted through their company alone, not a large newspaper. The statement should have been put out through a platform that all customers could have seen more easily (Twitter, the Toys ‘R Us website,or Facebook) 

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