New Balance does not help you burn calories

New Balance claimed their shoes helped people burn calories faster. They advertised it as a “toning” sneaker with a hidden board technology which helped the leg area. According to Insider, studies proved there were indeed no health benefits from the shoes. A shoe can’t cause people to burn extra calories. Yes, people wear tennis shoes to work out and exercise, but humans do the magic, not the shoes. They wanted people to believe it was this new and crazy invention. It is nonviable for someone to sit on a couch, wear these shoes, and lose weight. Some people undeniably wouldn’t have believed this advertisement, but perhaps others did. What New Balance did was wrong, and deep down, they knew it since the beginning. It is insane how deep people and companies will push through to gain a profit and customers. According to The Huffington Post, the brand received lawsuits and had to pay $2.3 million for its unethical actions. New Balance’s code of ethics & conduct states that they strive “to outperform our competition fairly and honestly” and that they do not participate in “unethical or illegal business practices.” They undoubtedly contradicted themselves strongly. It is ethical to compete with your competition, but it is unethical to do it in the wrong way by lying. Honestly, it is embarrassing for their company. It is so evident that shoes cannot make this happen; it is as if they were trying to trick a 12-year old into buying their product. I was never a fan of New Balance shoes, but now that I know about their lie, I will see them differently. (Alexia, Joe, JJ)

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