Oct. 14. 2021 Amazon workers treated poorly

Tatiana Torres, Genevieve Chiaramonte, Daniela Jimenez


Recently, Amazon workers protested the way Amazon treats them.  In this article, an Amazon fulfillment center worker showcases how exhausting working for this trillion-dollar company actually is. The author describes that the workers are treated as robots, paid very little while being put to work arduously. This is an example of bad business ethics. This company is knowingly ignoring the best interests of its employees in order to earn more money. It is very hard to believe that Amazon, which reported to have made 232.9 trillion dollars in 2020 can’t pay their employees a fair wage and ensure a reliable and safe workplace. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, defended the way Amazon workers are treated but acknowledged in an article with Fortune, that they needed to do better. The fact that the founder of Amazon knew that they should be treating employees better and had done nothing about it is unethical in itself. He had a duty of care to his employees, who are working to keep his company running. The conclusion of this article resonated with us. It states “Those Amazon workers want to be treated like human beings. Sounds reasonable to me.” It sounds pretty reasonable to us as well.

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