Paparazzi and the Invasion of Privacy

Throughout the years, celebrities have not only been fighting off haters, but they have been fighting off the paparazzi as well. Paparazzi will come up to celebrities and heckle them in front of their children, bring up controversial topics to them while they are doing day to day errands, and come too close to them with their cameras.

I think that it is ethically wrong for paparazzi to approach celebrities when they are with their children because it corrupts their innocence and exposes them to fame at an early age in an aggressive manor. An example of this is Kourtney Kardashian was walking into a store with one of her kids and the paparazzi was coming right up to her face with the camera and asking her questions while she was holding her child. This made it impossible for her to get to her car safely with her kid. She screamed at the person shoving the camera in her face to never approach her when she is with her kid, in which I agree with.

Another unethical thing that paparazzi does is coming up to celebrities when they are doing day to day tasks like grocery store shopping or picking up their kid from school and heckling them with sensitive topics and controversial issues. An example of this is a paparazzi went up to Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, and started interrogating her about the predatory allegations against her late father. She freaked out in public which brought up her past trauma she has with paparazzi which she talked about to Willow Smith on Red Table Talk saying sometimes she hears hallucinations of camera clicks and has paranoia over the paparazzi which followed her into her adult life.

This shows the negative impact that paparazzi has on the mental health of people and the unethical ways in which they are making money. Even though in most cases these people put themselves into the spotlight, everyone deserves the right to privacy and no one deserves to be heckled on the street whether they are alone or with their children.

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