Pepsi Protest Advertisement in 2017

Group 8.

In this unthoughtful advertisement by Pepsi, fashion icon Kendall Jenner is seen disrupting a protest by gifting a police officer a Pepsi and ending the fued between the police and protestors. This ad was very insenstive to the people who were out protesting the unjust treatment of black Americans. The reason this was insensitive was because this ad was released right around the start of the Black Lives Matter movement. Pepsi was using the popularity of this movement and undermining the real message they were trying to bring to light. By using their product to “end” the protest was, in a way, brushing over the real reason why they were protesting in the first place. Pepsi soon realized the power of the movement they intended to mimick when they recieved an influx of criticism due to the advertisement. They later released a public statemement and pulled their ad due to it’s controversial message.

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