Sandy Hook Promise

By Savanah Black, Bruno Polonio, and Jessie Tobin

The Sandy Hook Project recently came out with another PSA about gun violence in schools. It starts off as being a back to school supply commercial and quickly turns violent showing the reality and the fear of school shootings that children face today. It is a heart wrenching and eye opening commercial aimed to make you see the severity of gun violence and how it impacts the youth in our country. 

Although the shocking commercial is controversial, it received positive feedback overall. And it is for a good reason- they not only get your attention, but also call you to action. Advocates want to stop the normalization of school mass shooting once and for all.

Sandy Hook Promise wasn’t alone in this fight. They received crucial investments in donated media placements from CNN, AMC, Condé Nast, iHeartRadio and more. 

In an interview to The New York Times, Michael E. Kassan, a media professional and CEO of MediaLink, said “In the past, the advertising industry has been cautious about addressing politically sensitive topics, but marketing companies now sensed that a significant portion of the American public had tired of bracing for the next mass shooting.” People are reaching their limit and the Sandy Hook Promise commercial is another necessary spark to remind them of that.

Twitter has become a great place for people, especially younger adults, to express their opinions on important topics. After the Sandy Hook webpage posted the back to school video, people took to Twitter to voice their thoughts. Almost all of the top tweets were in support of the video and urged for stricter gun control. The hashtag #SandyHookPromise quickly started trending on Twitter, with many celebrities and politicians using it in their tweets. 

This organization wants to see change, and they have gone to extreme lengths to make it clear they will do all they can until this issue is addressed and resolved. The explicit nature of the commercial is to show you the reality and the horror of what it is like to be in this situation. They want to evoke change by tugging at your emotions. At this point, school shootings are so common there needs to be something like this in the media.

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