Senator Blumenthal trying to put an end to “Finsta”

For those that are not familiar with the term “finsta,” that’s okay because the senator of Connecticut does not what that means either! Finsta is a term that refers to a fake instagram account that usually teenagers have as a spam account for their friends to see. On this type of account some may post updates about their day, what is making them upset, or just funny things they only want their friends to see.

On September 30th, Blumenthal presses Facebook to “end Finsta” where they respond that they don’t “do finsta” and it is not something they can end. The senator does not seem to understand the term and continues to push Facebook with this question even after their explanation.

This conference raised several questions about how out of touch the leaders of America are with technology and this generation. Should a 75 year-old-man be advocating for something that he does not understand? Blumenthal is generations ahead from the generations who are using finstas which makes it hard to take him seriously when he tries to end it and evidently has zero understanding of what it means.

However, his intentions behind his attempt to end finsta were good and to reduce child exploitation on the internet and reduce mental health issues due to social media. If there was a representative who fully was emerged in social media and understand the slang and concept behind social media use, then this argument would have been more effective.

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