Shipping giant investigates alleged rape of 19-year-old during federal training program

“There was blood on my sheets, and I knew immediately that I had been raped,” she wrote. “I was a virgin and had been saving myself, and as soon as I woke up I could feel that I was very sore and knew exactly what had happened.” says anonymous rape victim.

A 19 female was on board the International Shipping Giant Maersk in 2019. She was the only female on board the shipping giant during that Sea Year which forces her to make friends and connect with males on board rather than being alone. On a ship like this, it is impossible to get the job done without assistance from others, and being that she was the only female, she had no choice.

The alleged victim works as a senior at US Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York. Her Job is to trains students to become commissioned officers in the armed forces and licensed Merchant Marine officers who work on ships transporting cargo and passengers worldwide.

She spoke out against a senior engineer in his 60s who repeated performed acts of sexual harassment as well as sexual abuse. She states that she remembers many incidents where he snuck into her cabin and began undressing himself. After many separate occurrences where he forced himself on her, he stated that no one would believe her if she tried to expose him, which made her even more scared.

Several crew members have been suspended after allegations arose and extensive investigations are being conducted. With this case, countless ethical virtues were ignored, including: honesty, self-control, fairness, integrity, and much more.

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