Shocking Photos of Deceased 3 Year Old Surface

Back in September, 2015, several shocking and explicit photos of a deceased 3 year old boy surfaced in several articles. Alan Kurdi, alongside several other Syrians, drowned after attempting to flee Syria due to the prolonged war between Islamic State Insurgents and Kurdish forces.

12 people died after two boats carrying 23 people capsized after setting sail from the Akyarlar area. Women and children died in an attempt to leave their home country to begin new lives in better and safer environments. Thousands of Syrians are seeking shelter and refugee as the conditions in their home country worsen.

Several photos were taken of 3 year old Alan Kurdi’s dead body. One photo was released that shows Kurdi face down on the beach as wave topple over him. His feet and torso were propped up on the sand while his face remains in the ocean. Other photos of a Turkish police offer holding his deceased body as he walks away from the ocean have been released as well.

The big question with this situation in regards to media and journalism is: Is it ethical to release such horrific photos? The article that released these photos received many negative responses to seeing these photos in everyday news articles. Certain photos should be released to show the public the unfair struggles that Alan and his family had to suffer through in order to survive. The photos of the helpless boy laying dead in the office is unethical in regards to public them for the world to see. How do you think his family feels about seeing their dead son all over news articles? Journalists need to take into account the effects the photos will have on the family of the victim.

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