Social Media Ethics in the News Post

Social media is a great platform for you to stay in touch with anyone and everyone. By inputting certain likes and dislikes, you can connect with people with similar interests as you. The first time you join a social media platform making account is very simple. All you need to do Is input your name, email, and that’s it right? Wrong. Social media platforms can have access to copious amounts of your personal information including your address, who you are friends with, your phone number, you location at all times and many other personal things. These applications are supposed to be a safe place for you to explore the web however, social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram take your personal information and use it to select advertisements that would pique your interest. While this is smart on the company’s side, it is very invasive. Many Facebook consumers have tested out a theory that says that Facebook listens to what you talk about. This young couple who has never owned a pet before spent a couple days talking about cat food and how their cat needs more. To their surprise they started to receive advertisements for cat food. This is shocking because we know that these social media platforms have access to our personal information to create advertisements based of that but this situation is very interesting because all this couple did was talk about what they needed and they received an ad for it.

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