Social Media Ethics in The News Post

Social media has become the most used form of media today. Some of the popular social media platforms that people use are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so many others. While there are many different types of platforms for people to use and no limitations, different platforms are targeted to different demographics. For example, Facebook is targeted to older generations whereas Twitter and Instagram are targeted to younger ones. Although any ages above 13 can join these platforms, many of the users stick to the platform that is used by their age group. It is also interesting to see how these platforms are used differently. Facebook is most used to connect to old friends and relatives. It allows people to see posts about your family and friends in a normal way. Instagram is a little different. While it is used to update people on your life, it is also most toxic than Facebook. Popular Instagram models face tune photos of themselves and creates a competitive environment on the app. Twitter is completely different to both. Twitter is most used to write tweets about whatever you are thinking about in that moment. You can use twitter to upload images however that is not required unlike Instagram.

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