Taliban spokesperson remains on twitter while the 45th president of the U.S.A is still banned.

After the debacle in Afghanistan from the Biden administration it is interesting to go back and take a look at twitter while this whole mess unfolded. After the Taliban took over Kabul not long ago, the Taliban spokesperson with over 320,000 twitter followers stated “Afghanistan is conquered and Islam has won” along with dozens of videos viewed millions of times. Spewing propaganda and recruiting troops from across the world, yet they remain an active account on twitter, while the president of United States remains banned. In a response by twitter they said “Twitter will not commit to banning those representing Islamic extremists governments from using it’s powerful platform”. The Washington post came to the defense of Taliban and twitter, claiming “The Afghan Taliban has used strikingly sophisticated social media tactics to build political momentum” they are referring to how Trump wasn’t as sophisticated as the Taliban and that is why he is banned. They do not take the actions of the Taliban into account when deciding to ban or not, who reportedly killed a woman for not wearing a burqa. They are also whipping woman and children in the streets, and young girls are being forced to marry Taliban fighters. This sort of hypocrisy coming from one of the biggest social media company’s and supposedly one of the most credible news sources in America is extremely alarming and should be taken more serious.


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