The Coverage of Meghan Markle in the British News Media

The royal family is no stranger to the British media. Being an important part of history and society, they remain a hot topic in the news.  Following her engagement to Prince Harry in 2017, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has been the main victim of unfair media coverage and toxic tabloid culture in the United Kingdom.

As some of you may be familiar with, tabloids are often built off of exaggerations, drama, and outright lies. As a result of this, headlines have come out targeting Meghan Markle detailing unsubstantiated claims about a supposeddivorce or the Duchess being “broke”. 

        A fundamental part of a country that leads with integrity is a transparent media that chooses to inform their readers with unbiased news. Furthermore, for this to be possible journalists must follow a code of ethics that will assist them when making decisions about what will be released to the public. The British media broke several ethical obligations such as fairness, truth, accuracy, and prima facie duties of non-injury and justice by targeting Meghan Markle in a staggering and jarring manner. 

        In January of 2019, Daily Mail published an article attacking The Duchess of Sussex for her avocado consumption. The headline reads How Meghan’s favourite avocado snack-beloved of all millennials-is fueling human rights abuses, drought and murder. Years prior, Kate Middleton was praised for curing her pregnancy morning sickness with avocados which turns to show unprofessional attitudes and decisions by the British media.

There’s only one thing that we can do in order to stop the media from unfairly targeting and bullying Meghan or other media personalities, and that is to stop giving these types of media attention. Journalists will stop producing these kinds of stories and cease their publication if they aren’t making them any money and the only way to ensure that is to stop buying their magazines, watching their segments, and clicking on their articles. 

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