Tik Tok Cancel Culture

With the emergence of Tik Tok, comes a whole new community who has the power to make or break a person’s career by “Cancel Culture.” Cancel culture refers to when someone, usually an influencer, makes a mistake and is ostracized/shunned out of social media by the users of that social media platform.

Cancel culture brings up the ethical question if one mistake is means for completely ostracizing a person from a social/professional circle. An example of a person being “cancelled” is Olivia Jade with the college admissions scandal. For those that do not know, her parents paid admissions counselor, Rick, Singer, to bribe the USC admissions office to get her into the school. He faked that Olivia would be on the schools rowing team and covered up her parents payment to him as a donation to the school. Before this incident, Olivia was a popular YouTuber and would make daily vlogs for her fans to enjoy. After the incident, Olivia was deemed “cancelled” and her social media presence completely vanished. No, social media sites did not remove her, social media communities decided as a whole that she had no place to have a platform anymore. This was her punishment for the actions of her parents, and without hearing her side of the story.

I personally believe that people who are put in these positions should be given the chance to explain their side of the story without being cancelled. It is a disgusting look for society to just exile people fore one ,mistake that they made in their lifetime. I am completely against cancel culture and believe giving people second chances to make things right.

I do think, however, it would be impossible to stop cancel culture as we cannot control how every person in the world will treat others over social media. Especially behind a screen, people are much more cruel than they would be person.

In conclusion, Tik Tok is a platform made for entertainment but has also managed to bring down the mental health of several content creators through cancel culture.

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