Tom Ford’s Men’s Cologne: Alexia, Joe, JJ

Tom Ford released a perfume targeted at men. Ford has always been a known man, so he didn’t need to advertise the cologne the way he did. He advertised it by placing the cologne bottle in front of a female’s vagina with her legs wide open. He is using a sexual appeal to attract men to purchase the product. The message men are receiving is: “Women will desire me if I wear this scent since it is seen in between a women’s legs.” There is another advertisement about his cologne where the bottle is placed in between a woman’s breasts. Ford decided to use nudity and sexuality to sell his product, and it is not very ethical or moral. Customers will buy the product if they genuinely like how it smells, but no one should purchase it based on sexual thoughts. Jim Yoakum writes about the cologne’s story on the website MarketSmiths. Yoakum shares that the advertisement turned off both genders. The women viewed it as vulgar, and men felt like lustful voyeurs. Not everyone saw it like that; there could have been a woman who bought it for her husband because she would like the way it smells regardless of the image. There could also have been a male who bought it because he genuinely thought he would get ladies. The overall result of the advertisement caused Tom Ford to be a joke. When I hear his name, I think of a man who does not respect women.

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